Links for April 20, 2014

I've had the pleasure of visiting Warwick castle a number of times. A castle has stood on this site since 1068 when William began fortifying the countryside. It was also instrumental in the War of the Roses during the 15th century. A few years ago they built the world's largest trebuchet as an example of what medieval war machines look like. It's still in operation today. Video

I have a great deal of respect for people who are able to make a family business work well, and particularly transition from one generation to another. The Globe takes a look at the pros and cons of working in a family business. Article

Sara Sagan writes about the lessons she learned in mortality and immortality from her father, Carl Sagan. Article

The Atlantic talks about the perception of genre fiction. Article

I'm a big fan of Banksy, and this week he posted two new pieces on his site. (BTW, if you've never seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, make some time this week to watch it). Article

Brad's writes about his 2014 Atlanta Pen Show experience, and comes to the same conclusion I have about what makes these shows great. Article

The article is a bit sparse on details, but the idea of converting sea water to fuel is intriguing. Article

Rachel Sussman's project to photograph the worlds oldest living things before they die. Article

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of our premier science communicators, and he discusses his latest project, the continuation of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, in this interview. Video

I love woodworking, but I hate the noise and mess of power tools. Chris Schwarz writes excellent books and articles on hand tool only woodworking. This week he published what he considers the minimal tools required in your tool chest. Article

I've been very tempted to build a Ruben's tube for parties, and this week Derek at Veritasium ups the ante with a group of science educators who have made a 2d Ruben's tube. Video

Freedom of speech is the core of a free society. A number of high profile people have said some particularly dumb things lately, and been attacked for it (and in a couple of situations run out of their positions). Some have defended them saying they are just exercising free speech. While freedom of speech is important, it doesn't protect you from the consequences of what you've said. Article

I love these marble vases which are made to be broken and transformed into a new shape. Article

Slovakia has an innovative way to increase the number of businesses paying VAT. Since tax collection is a major issue in a number of countries, we might see this becoming more common. Article

With BBQ season now upon us in the Northern hemisphere, I recommend watching some of the great videos over on the Kamado Joe cooking channel on YouTube. John has some excellent tips and recipes to keep you well fed this summer. Video

The brilliant Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are reunited. I love these two. They heavily informed my sense of humour while growing up. Once you've finished watching this, go find Jeeves and Wooster, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Video

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