Links for April 13, 2014

Halley Docherty takes famous paintings with street views, and superimposes them onto Google street view images. Article

A look at making a Nomos Glashüette watch. Video

CGP Grey asks are Hong Kong and Macau countries? Video

Phones are making significant leaps in image detection. DeepBelief SDK looks to improve that ability by teaching your phone what an object looks like, and then detecting it later. Some interesting possibilities here for store apps, museums, and tourism. Article

Men's only sewing classes are on the rise in London. Article

'Dealt' is a documentary coming next year about magician Richard Turner. He was fortunate, and good enough, to study with Dai Vernon (Vernon is probably the best slight of hand magician to live). His card handling skills are unbelievable. Oh yeah, and he's completely blind. Video

An offensive fiddle, appropriate for rowdy audiences. Article

Some impressive contact juggling with juggling rings. Video

A closed garden sealed in 1972 is still thriving with nothing more than sunlight. I love science. Article

The NSA is claiming they have never exploited Heartbleed to get secure data. They're going to have a difficult time convincing anyone they didn't know about this exploit, and chose to capitalize on it instead of revealing it to the world. You'd think that someone at the NSA would have learned as a child what happens to habitual liers. Article

The whole idea of tipping for service is a bit odd. I'm not really a big fan of it for various reasons (personally I think servers should be paid a fair wage for the work they're doing instead of being paid below minimum wage, and then being forced to make it up in tips). This is the most recent piece I've found on the success of tip less restraurants. Article

I hear a lot of people moaning about poor battery life on their iPhone. Most people blame the latest version of iOS for their battery woes, but in reality it's usually one of their apps misbehaving (I'm looking at you Facebook). If you're having issues with battery life, go through this guide. Article

Some great looking tattoos by Jan Mráz. Article

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence have recently finished a 6300 page report on the CIA torturing prisoners since 9/11. Apparently its findings include that the CIA did in fact torture prisoners, they lied about the scope of the program, and lied about the effectiveness of the torture (spoiler, torture is ineffective for intelligence gathering). Unfortunately the public will never see this report. Only a small portion will be made public, and the CIA get to redact it before it's published. Barry Eisler discusses the issues with the situation in an interview with a German publication. Article

Xkcd perfectly explains Heartbleed. Article

Feynman is one of the best presenters I've seen. A friend relates a few Feynman stories. Video

I've been finding plenty of cool street murals lately. Article

If you are going to invest in bespoke pens and watches, it makes sense to have a bespoke safe to protect them. Article

We've heard plenty of stories about Steve Jobs, but these from Don Melton remind us that he was a normal guy. Article

If you're not familiar with Brad Dowdy's, he collects and reviews a wide range of pens and paper. Every week he posts his link list of reviews for pen and paper around the web in Ink Links. Article

I'm not sure how practical this is, but this prop driven train looks very cool. Video

During a recent chat with friends, the topic of amazing guitar work came up. I've always been impressed with people who can play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dm on the guitar. Here's a great example. Video

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