Links for April 27th, 2014

Intellectual Ventures is perhaps the biggest patent troll out there. Fortunately the judge in their most recent case sent them packing. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Article

The story of the last of the Japanese Mermaids. Article

We live in rural Ontario (even though we're only 50Km from downtown Ottawa), and have to live with miserable infrastructure. Most of the issues are thanks to lack of funding. Article

Great little video of spending an afternoon with your AT-AT. Video

The World Cup is coming. I'm sure there will be plenty of links, but the first is from Nike. Video

How Audemars Piguet makes their watch bracelets. Video

A bit of history about invisible ink. Article

I love the clean look of Nomos' watches. Article

I do a lot of work with moire patterns in my engine turning, and love the effects possible. These animals from moire patterns are quite clever. Article

The Internet in the US took a hit this week with the FCC's change of direction on net neutrality. This ruling highlights one of the major issues with appointing people who have, or will, work for major telcos. Marco Arment has a good write up on the bullshit of the current language being used to support the new direction. Article

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