Link list for May 4th, 2014

Video footage from London 1924 is superimposed over footage from 2014. Video

An excellent dissection of the arguments put forth supporting the use of torture. Article

Some more good news from the US on patent trolls. The Supreme Court has ruling allows fees to be transferred entirely to one party in the case of a frivolous suit. This is an important tool in dissuading patent trolls from launching hundreds of suits using questionable patents. Article

The fascinating story about the oral history of the IRA, and the legal issues it caused Boston College and the potential ramifications for peace in Ireland. Article

I've been looking into mics for recording work recently. The Wire Cutter has an excellent review of what to buy. Article

Mashable has some excellent coverage of the fighting going on in Ukraine right now. Article

Radiolab recently aired an excellent episode where they dissected the resolution which has given the US President the authority to launch and continue the "War on Terror". Podcast

A great video from Leica showing how they hand finish one of the cameras. This gives a brief idea of what is involved in hand finishing a high end product like what custom jewellers make. (If you can't make it through the video, don't ever take a job making high end pieces of metal work) Video

Well this is embarrassing… Article

Genetic anomalies in butterflies make for some interesting photos. Article

Run An Empire looks like an interesting running game coming later this year. Article

A great video from Japan showing 50 amateur fencers up against three experienced fencers. Video

With a dead whale in the news recently, Tested looks at how to prevent them from exploding. Article

Here's a great looking woodworking conference practically in my backyard. Of particular interest is Chris Schwartz who writes some of the best books on woodworking I've come across. Article

Nice short video showing off a 5 axis mill. Video

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