Links for May 11, 2014

NYC is turning their pay phones into free wifi hotspots. What a great use of existing infrastructure. Article

I'm a huge fan of Threes on iOS. An interesting thing that happened in the wake of it's success is the huge number of clones of the game. The creator of the most successful clone, 2048, talks about the struggle he faced with it. Article

Alton Brown shows us how to use a saber to open a bottle of champagne. Video

I sound like a broken record sometimes explaining to people that correlation is not causation. This wonderful website gives a number of great examples to prove that… Article

Jimmy Fallon is doing some good work on the Tonight Show. Here's a fun bit about science. Video

I'm a bit of a Kevin Spacey fanboy. I'm intrigued by his interpretation of Richard III. Article

It's common to get sponsor information in many of the RSS feeds I subscribe to. This one for Jetpens is worth a read. Article

Here's a great idea out of The Netherlands for improving night time driving conditions. The lines of the road are painted with a glow in the dark paint which absorbs energy during the day. Article

Some more great street art, this time out of Greece. Article

Esquire interviews Roger Christian, the man who built Star Wars. Article

I like the way the dial is offset from the escapement on this watch. Article

I've posted about Kintsugi before. It's a Japanese art where broken pieces of pottery are reassembled using lacquer, and the lacquer seams are covered in gold. Article

Facebook recently bought the makers of the Occulous Rift, a new VR headset in the early stages of development. There are some developer models out in the world, and one of them was used to make a simulator for flying like a bird. Article

Dangerdust has been getting some great attention online over the past few weeks. Here's a video documenting one of their guerrilla chalk drawings. Video

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