Links for March 2, 2014

A talented Japanese contact juggler. Video

Some behind the scenes details about House of Cards. Article

The latest video from Veritasium talks about how to test what is true. Video

I'm a big fan of Steven Strang's paintings. He has a wonderful, twisted sense of humour. His a recent series explores what lurks beneath your bed…

Stephen Wolfram's new language is impressive. Video

The Verge looks at why the Internet is fucked up, and a few ways on how to fix it. Article

If you use Dropbox, you'll know they recently updated their ToS. You probably didn't read the changes, so instead read this to find out why you need to opt out of part of the new ToS. Article

Some excellent tips on what to avoid while you give a presentation. Article

A disturbing look at the rape culture at Ottawa University. Article

Husband threatens to draw a penis on his wife's new whiteboard. So she challenges him to draw one every day for a year… Video

Great shot of Obama while he was speaking to Putin about Ukraine. Article

Another great series of photos from Tokyo. Article

The Washington Post's primer on Ukraine. Article

The desperation of the second page of a Google search… Article

Great information from Darrell about Viking age smithing hammers. Article

America's Temple of Pseudoscience. Article

Another great interactive comic from XKCD. Article

Medieval souvenirs. Article

The lead up to Baselworld means all kinds of great looking new watches. Article

I love the up/down indicator on this watch. Article

More news about the spying GCHQ has been doing on the British public. Article

Fascinating open work movement by Christian Kling. Article

Most people don't think about the real time beyond what they are told it is by the timezone they live in. The reality is local solar time can vary significantly from what you think the time is. Here's a map showing the offset in your local. Article

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