Links for February 23, 2014

CGP Grey is perhaps my favourite Youtuber. His videos are highly entertaining, and always bring clarity to confusing subjects. He has recently started a short run podcast called Hello Internet. Article

I found a few great remakes of classic 80s rock songs this week. First up is 2Cellos performing AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Video

Next up is a spectacular version of Sweet Child O' Mine redone by Postmodern Jukebox, in a New Orleans, 20s jazz style. I might actually listen to GnR if it all sounded this good. Video

Criticism is difficult to give and receive effectively. As someone who makes things and puts them out in the world, it get a lot of people criticizing what I do. This article doesn't entirely explain how I feel about it, but it is well written. Article

If you're looking for a unique destination for your next holiday, check out these exotic hotels. Article

Last week I linked to Barry Eisler'e latest novel, Graveyard of Memories. This week I've got a link to a series of photos inspired by the locations in the novel. I love the look and feel of Japan. These photos remind me why I need to return one day. Article

Vertitasium's latest video on ultra quiet rooms. It's worth watching this with headphones on. Video

The Stafordshire Hoard is one of the most impressive finds in the past hundred years. Some of the pieces are absolutely stunning. The conservation team has a great blog which includes useful information on the Hoard, as well as some great photos. This entry talks about how they are replicating some of the pieces. Article

If you're looking for something to keep you amused for a while, check out this virtual Lego building site. Article

"I can teach a man to sail, but never why." Article

A good overview on Tested explaining some of the options for 3D modeling software. 3D printers have become popular enough that we're seeing a flood of lower cost modeling tools hit the market as well. They fail to mention my favourite, Rhino3D. Article

Ukraine Burning is a short documentary by Vice looking at the current issues in that country. Video

Some pre-Baselworld watch porn from Arnold & Son. Article

A wonderful piece by Roger Angell in the New Yorker on getting on. His story is remarkable. At 93 he has worked for every editor in the New Yorker's history. Article

While digging to add an elevator to a new addition to the Uffizi, a medieval mass grave was discovered. Article

While our current mobile data speeds are impressive, there is still a huge issue when a significant number of devices are trying to use the same cell tower. A new pCell technology has a solution. Sadly I don't see the carriers adopting this anytime soon. Article

A short film looking at home Criterion restores a film. Video

I love the XKCD comic strip, and this is one of his best to date. Article

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