Links for February 9th, 2014

For a bit of nostalgia, and a lot of geekiness, I present Tainted Love performed on floppy disk drives. Video

Last week I posted about the Apple ad which was filmed by 15 crews around the world on the same day. They have posted a short behind the scenes video as a follow up. Video

I'm a big fan of Mark Knopfler and his guitar work. This is a recording which has isolated just his guitar work and vocals on Sultans of Swing. If I had a tenth of his guitar playing ability, I'd quit my day job. Video

I've commented in the past on my issues with the current media. I don't believe they are doing an effective job at holding our governments accountable for what they do, yet they still present themselves as being the fourth estate (this is why I believe people like Snowden are so important to safeguarding our way of life). The Guardian casts a critical eye on the worst culprit of journalistic mediocrity, the 24 hour news channel. Article

I've spent my share of time travelling for jobs, and I became skilled at packing a week's worth of clothes in a carry on bag. This guy however, makes me look like a rank amateur. Video

Now that the Olympics have begun, the news channels need to create some sensational stories to get headlines. Of course the ones most people have been sharing this week have involved the various ways Sochi hasn't been ready to handle it's visitors (my favourite of those is the toilet which has been bisected by a wall). NBC decided that double toilets weren't going to cut it for their broadcast. They decided to tell a tale of how visitors to Sochi would have their computers and phones quickly hacked once they landed. Video. Of course the story is complete bullshit. The reporter and security expert in the story did everything they could to get hacked. In fact, everything which happened to them could happen by visiting the same sites while you sit at home. This Reddit comment goes into the details of what is wrong in the story. Article

I love these illuminated dragons.

I've been hearing Leave This Island by Maxïmo Park on XFM lately, and it's been stuck in my head. The video is a little odd, but the song has a great Depeche Mode, moodiness to it. Video

McDonalds Canada has done a few good educational videos about how their food is made. This one tests some of the myths about their chicken nuggets. Video

The Harper government here in Canada has decided to sponsor a bill designed to limit the powers of Elections Canada. We have significant issues with voter turnout, and this will only serve to have a chilling effect on future turnout. Article

The US is finally making a push to move to chip and pin credit cards. They are the last significant holdout, and their lack of support has meant limited development in readers. It's meant those us in the rest of the world using services like Square are stuck with insecure card readers. Can't wait for updated readers to hit the market. Article

Minute Earth's latest video talks about the origin of the Earth's water. I hadn't given much thought to where it came from, and the answer is surprising. Video

Along with being a talented artist, Andrew King is also keen and vocal about local Ottawa history. His latest research looks at seventieth century explorer Henry Hudson's disappearance. Article

This is a fun little story about the painting used by Columbia Pictures during the opening of their films. Article

Speaking of questionable practices at NBC, did they really think nobody would notice them editing the speech by the IOC president during the opening ceremonies? Article

Chris Breen from MacWorld is vocal about some of the horrible PR attempts directed at him as a reporter. He offers some excellent suggestions on how to go about it without pissing off the reports you're contacting. Article

I love watching skilled craftsmen working, regardless of the medium. This video shows a Japanese craftsman making veneer for boxes. Video

How do you create fresh designs for something as old as chopsticks? Article

3D printers have been a regular resident on my link lists. The latest one I've come across is for printing moulds for sand casting. Video

This is a stunning restoration and retrofit of an antique safe. Article

It's easy to dismiss simple designs as being uninteresting compared with their flashier siblings. This Blancpain watch is an exquisite example of how perfect a simple, elegant design can be. This is much harder to accomplish than most people realize. Article

In a previous list I linked to a story about the issues with contaminated olive oil. Here are tips on how to buy genuine oil. Article

I'm happy to live in a world where people spend time decrypting ancient Norse ciphers. Article

My recommendation this week for something to watch is Shakespeare Uncovered. Actors dive into the characters and history behind some great plays. Video

If you haven't watched season one of House Of Cards, you have a few days to catch up before season two is released on Friday. I know Friday will be a write off for me… Video

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