Links for February 2nd, 2014

A round table discussion af SIHH, from leading watch journalists. Discussions include current favourites, and future trends. Article

Adam Savage is best known for Mythbusters, but he was an accomplished model and prop before he started blowing thigs up on TV. In this video Adam shows off a recent birthday present he built for a friend. Video

I haven't had a chance to experiment with Archipad yet, but it looks intriguing. It allows both sketching and accurate architectural drawing, to scale, in the same document. I can see it being very useful for planning future expansions around the property. Article

I'm intrigued by these Cartier Mystery Clocks. Video

Have you ever tried working with melted chocolate and been frustrated by how it performed? King Arthur flower has a good overview of working with chocolate. Article

Brent Simmons, The Point of View of a Mouse. Article

With plenty of attention on American football this past weekend, here are some pictures of the oldest football (real football), and tennis ball. They're probably older than you expect. Article

I first saw Jason Freeny's toy anatomies as a Gelaskins for mobile devices. He's also been working on sculptures of them. Video

If you're a fan of magic, or you've seen one of countless movies with magic and sleight of hand card work, you've probably seen Ricky Jay before. Deceptive Practice is an entertaining new documentary about his history and magic. Video

A depressing look inside the insane wealth on Wall St. Article

A look at the subversive practices of a popular photo sharing twitter account. Article

The story of adulterated olive oil. Article

If you want to be cruel to your party guests.

How do trees survive the winter? Video

The death of expertise. Article

I love how far 3d printing has advanced over the past few years. This new printer can use carbon fibre to strengthen models. Article

I can't imagine how difficult it is for Dylan Farrow to go public with her story of abuse. Article

So many of the arts I practice are dying, and a large reason for that is the secrecy of companies who have practicing artists. I don't have a lot of sympathy now they are having a difficult time finding artists. Sharing knowledge and skills will increase the number of skilled artists in the world. Article

I love the panache of these guys. Video

An overdone meme, but worth it.

Thirty years ago Ridley Scott directed the famous 1984 commercial which launched the Macintosh computer. To help commemorate the anniversary, Ridley's son Jake remotely directed 15 crews to create a new commercial. The crews were sent to locations worldwide with 70 iPhones, and all footage was shot in one day. Article

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