First link list for 2014

Happy New Year everyone (and happy Twelfth Night to those who are so inclined).

This is an amazing story of survival. I've read a few of these stories over the years. I do wonder why these guys don't use the GPS survival locators which are out on the market. Article

The mechanical watch industry suffered a real blow with the introduction of quartz movements. Quartz movements were cheap to make, and very accurate. There has been a revival of the accuracy trials within the mechanical watch industry. The new Quill and Pad site has a good post on why those trials are important. Article

These clay sculptures are rather clever, and extremely well executed. Article

Anyone who has a cat know how much of a menace they can be while you're working. Looks like it was an issue for this medieval scribe as well… Article

If you've ever had any interest in blacksmithing, you should seriously consider taking one of Darrel Markewitz's classes. He's experienced as a blacksmith and instructor, and his classes are an excellent way to learn the basics of the craft. His 2014 schedule is now online. Article

This accoustic manipulation is amazing. I'm not sure if it'll allow for the invention of the suggested hover boards, but I'm sure someone will do something interesting with it. Article

Frederico's best of app lists are worth looking at if you're a Mac or iOS user. Article

The current state of news is a sad thing. Esquire looks at how broken the breaking news cycle is once mixed with the Internet. Article

Men's fashion, and how to dress in the year ahead. Article

The more the US becomes a police state, the less inclined I am to travel there. Borders are weird places legally, and warrantless searches make them scarey. Article

Running a small business is difficult. Here's an all too common story that is rarely told. Article

Great post from Sam Sykes on bullying. Article

I'm always amazed at the amount of meta data Netflix has managed to acquire about movies. The Atlantic explores the story behind some of the weird sub-genres you find there. Article

Today we think of metals like platinum and gold as being valuable, but not that long ago, aluminum was the most expensive metal around. Article

This makes me sad.

It looks like there will be a Toronto Pen show this year, and unlike past years, it's in a great location. I'm planning on attending as an exhibitor. Article

Gun control is a difficult topic to debate. Mostly because the issue is poorly understood by most people, and the debate has devolved into factions digging their heels in. There is little room in the middle for reasonable conversation. This story about a moderate being forced out of journalism is very unfortunate to hear. Article

King Arthur Flour has a good cooking blog. This article takes a look at the various muffin options from England. Article

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