Links for Jan 12, 2014

Lots of good reasons to exercise. Turns out it's good for the brain as well as the body. Video

Eating and weight loss is one of those subjects surrounded by a lot of BS. With respect to weight loss, how much you put in and how much you burn is what's important (the quality of food and nutritional value is a totally different conversation…). If you eat more than you burn, you gain weight. A science teacher decided to test out the theory eating McDonalds every day for three months. Article

It's disgusting what people are willing to say and do when they think they are anonymous. In particular, the attacks online against women is just unbelievable to me. Current police services are incapable, and disinterested in dealing with these threats. Perhaps we should stop spending so much money on the failed war on drugs, and start spending resources on hunting these assholes down. Article

I'm sure like me, you've often had friends tell you to check out their [brother/sister/friend/grandmother/cat]'s band. I'm all for supporting friends in their creative endeavours, but often times they're not very good. And I'm not suggesting people shouldn't make music (I'm a below average guitarist who still enjoys playing because it's fun. I just don't subject anyone to it…). But every once in a while someone/ says, hey, my sister's band has a new video on YouTube, and you find out, damn, she has a great voice. Video

Bonnie Raines was part of the group who broke into FBI offices back in the 70s and uncovered documents showing FBI wrong doing. She wrote a great op-ed piece this week about the importance of whistleblowers in a democracy. Article

A short list of some of the memerable anniversaries in history this year. Article

An introduction to the British Museum's online catalogue of medieval manuscripts. Article

The destruction of the Death Star was an inside job. Article

The Limbourg Brothers are some of the most famous master calligrapher and illuminators in history. Recently a new manuscript surfaced from them, and sold at auction for €2.5million. Article

Minute Physics explains why the solar system is flat. Video

Wonder Pens is a new pen and stationary store in Toronto. I've had great dealings with them so far, as have a number of clients and friends. They recently got some great press. Article

Many tools these days make use of tags to help organize information. Here's a good article on one way to make better use of tags. Article

How do porcupines mate? The old joke says, very carefully, but the truth is a bit stranger than that. Article

There are few truly important life skills that everyone should know, regardless of who they are. How to remove the cork from a bottle without using a corkscrew is one of those skills. Article

We've known for decades that open concept offices don't work, so why do we continue to use them them? Article

I can't imagine who thought it would be a good idea to allow Senators to file expenses on the honour system. It should be interesting to see what kinds of abuses the Auditor General finds. Article

Log out of the Internet right now. Article

I have a whole other post I'm writing about the poor state of movies, and this look at movie posters is a great companion to it. Video

We need this in Ottawa for the winter months.

Copyright was designed to help protect artists and convince them to make more art. The system is now so broken that the Vatican is copyrighting 1000 year old manuscripts. Do they know something we don't about the original artists? Perhaps this will convince them to rise from the dead and make more art… Article

This is a funny story about an author showing up at a book club meeting while they discussed his novel. Article

Regex occasionally haunts my dreams, even five years after leaving IT. Article

The story of a thirty year old woman who had a stroke on Christmas Eve. Article

What is the difference between a kid who is vaccinated, and one who isn't. Article

I've not been a big fan of the logos and branding of recent Olympic Games. The new logos for Rio look good though. Article

If you're like me and you enjoy making things, especially out of wood, eventually you'll want to make a folding stool. Here's how to make the tri-bolt you need for the legs. Article

Will over at Tested voices many of my feelings about the BS of CES. Article

I love he look of this book stand. I may have to make something similar for my iPad. Article

Marco Arment has done some good testing and research on the various LED bulbs out on the market. This post was timely as I'm currently considering lighting options for my show reno. Article

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