Empire pen in silver

This has been a long time in the works.  Four years ago I began teaching myself to make pens.  I was unhappy with many of the pens on the market, and my goal was to make pens that I would enjoy using.

Empire in silver

My biggest issue was finding a pen that was a little bit larger than normal, but not so large to be uncomfortable for the average person. I've also found that a pen with a bit of weight to it is pleasant to use. Many years ago, Brenda Roy began teaching me jewellery making.  I decided to combine some of those skills with my pen making to create silver pens. The Empire is my first pen to bring everything together in a pen that has a nice weight and feel.

I am working on a new batch of these over the next two weeks. They will include at least one new engine turned pattern. I am also hard at work on my next pen offering.  It will be silver with engine turning on it, but will also include enamel. Look for that near the end of May.

While I am happy to finally be able to show off these pens to the rest of the world, it is merely a stepping stone to the projects I have in mind.

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