The LA Pen Show, and new pieces

The end of February means a few things for me. The first is guaranteed miserable weather, and the other is escaping that weather by heading to the LA Pen Show. Unfortunately this year I won't be going to the LA show, so I only get to enjoy the bad weather. Even though I won't be at the show this year, one of my new pieces will be. I won't be revealing the details of it on the site just yet, but if you are going to the show, please stop by the Metal Write table and chat with my friend Rich. He has some beautiful pens to look at, plus he will have my latest piece on display.

Speaking of new pieces, I am working hard on two new pen models. One is an engine turned pen in Argentium, the other is a silver pen with engine turning and enamel. The enamel pen will take a little while longer to get on the site since the enamel isn't playing well with my castings. I will try to get some photos of the early work over the next few days.

If you manage to stop by for the LA show, I also recommend visiting Brian Gray from Edison Pens and Scott Franklin from Franklin-Christoph.  Both have beautiful pens that are worth checking out.