Links for January 19, 2014

I've been thinking of making a set of fire tools for the house, and I really like this design. Article

Beautiful video of bags of spice exploding. If you have compulsions to clean things, don't watch this. Video

I'm always trying to find new ways to organize and display design materials. Curator on the iPad looks like it might be promising. Article

Anyone who makes physical things for a living is always concerned about someone coming along and ripping off your design. David Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather, made a great video to teach people how to rip off his bags for less money. Video

A side by side comparison of photos of London from 1927 and 2013. Article

Vacheron Constantine are doing some truly inovative things with guilloché with their Métier d'Art series of watches. Quill and Pad has a good write up on the series so far. Article

One of the few things I miss by no longer having satellite tv is watching the Dakar rally. In Focus has a photo essay of this year's rally. Article

Love these portraits done using vintage maps. Article

The Washington Post has two articles showing the world using 40 maps. It would be fascinating to see how some of this data has changed over the past 50 years. Article

This story about $4 toast was doing the rounds this week. It's a good story, but so many were in disbelief that people would pay that much for toast. If you've never had great bread, I can understand the disbelief. The only thing as good as fresh bread with butter on it, is that bread toasted with butter on it. Article

Speaking of inovative guilloché, Roger Smith has made a unique watch for the GREAT Britain campaign. This multi-level dial looks great, and is one of the most technicaly challenging pieces of guilloché I've seen. Article

Continuing with the great watches this week, Grieb & Benzinger's tribute to St George. Article

This is one of the most depressing maps I've ever seen. Article

An amusing list of signs that Rome may be your home. Article

I've been following Le Garde Temps watch project over the past year, and their first movement just came to life. Article

Beautiful photos of bioluminescent phytoplankton in the Maldives. Article

Jeremy Cowart's tale of connecting with a client during a busy photo shoot. Article

Common myths and misconceptions about medieval knights and armour. Article

A short interview with James Earl Jones in which he reveals he once used the handle Darth, along with the Vader voice, on CB networks while driving across the country. Article

I hope this is the start of a trend towards not photoshopping models for ads. Article

Numberphile has a good video about The Knight's tour and magic squares. Video

What do ultra marathons do to the human body? Article

Psychology Today takes a look at why boys and girls with the same levels of intelligence approach challenging problems differently. Article

This project has so many hurdles to overcome, but could lead to an interesting alternative to living in the US. Article

Are you in PR? Do you follow up sending material to a journalist with a phone call? You might want to stop doing that… Article

I still use Standard Written English everywhere, but its stricter cousin is quickly becoming obsolete online. Article

Online dating sounds like absolute hell as a man. I can't even imagine how much worse it is for women. Article

Veritasium looks at the problems with Facebook. Video

Everyone knows that water expands as it turns to ice. What happens if you freeze water in a container which prevents it from expanding? Article

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