Links for Dec 8th 2013

Links for Dec 8th 2013

Jeff de Boer is a friend of several friends of mine, so I've known about his work for years. He is best known for these awesome suits of armour for cats and mice. He has started a new project making kinetic rings from gears. These look like the ultimate fiddle rings. Website

Syncronizing video frames with the strings of a bass leads to interesting effects. Video

Brad Dowdy runs the Pen Addict blog, and often has good reviews of pens, inks and paper products. One of his recent reviews is for Franklin-Christoph's Pocket 40. I had a chance to try one out at the last OFPS meeting. Article

For the musically incline dinner party, how about getting some wine glasses with the notes makes out on them. Article

How much of the Earth's water has been converted into soda? Article

I've been following the Planet Money podcast for a while. Recently they have been documenting the process of making their own t-shirt. It's an interesting look at part of the world economy that has gotten a lot of press recently. Article

I'm fascinated in how things are made. This video of the Elevation a Dock being made is pure tool porn. Video

I'm not usually a fan of Mercedes car design, but this is sexy. Too bad it's just for a video game. Article

A great art find in a small medieval church. Article

The long before Instagram, the selfie was still a thing. Article

A great 19C account of hand making files. Article

Sequencing the human genome is an incredible accomplishment. Gathering and analyzing the genome of large parts of the population will probably lead to the biggest medical break thrus over the next century. I'm happy to see how inexpensive it's become to have your genome sequenced, but it scares me that all of that information is being collected by private corporations with few protections for that data. Article

Love this story. It's probably apocraphal, but it's still great.

A unique perspective on Penn & Teller's bullet catch trick. Article

If you have a few million £s lying around, there's a great castle for sale. Article

Be friends with failure. Article

The idea of closing prisons because they are unnecessary is a foreign concept here in North America. But while we're working hard to imprison more people, Sweden is closing some of their prisons. Article

Talented artists will always make great art out of the tools they have available to them. Video

The Vatican and Bodleian libraries are working to put 1.5 million pages of historical documents online. Article

I'm looking forward to Teller's latest project, Tim's Vermeer. It's a look at the technology Vermeer may have used to help him paint. Article

Good friend Justin Van Leeuwen wrote a great post on pushing photo gear to the extreme. Article

What happens when Punk hits middle age? "The Other F Word" looks at punk rockers and their struggles to be family men. Article

There are lots of iPhone cases in the world, but this is intriguing. Article

It's really unfortunate that this video was shot by someone who is useless with a camera. One of the few videos of a tiger in the wild hunting and killing a gaur bull. Video

Puzzle games are a staple on the iPad. The multi touch interface makes it ideal for puzzles. Eventually in the game Drei you will reach a level you're unable to solve. The game will then connect you randomly to someone else in the world who is also stuck. Article

10 words you're probably misusing. Article

Amazing use of 3d modelling, projection and motion control mixed together. Video

As many of you already know, I'm a bit of a medieval art geek. I've been known to make the odd reproduction of a medieval manuscript. This app would have made my life easier when trying to learn about the calligraphy. Article

Power generation has been a hot topic in Ontario over the past few weeks. It turns out we are expecting a 43% increase in our electric bill over the next five years. One solution I'd like to see is the use of more modern nuclear reactors to replace our expensive, aging infrastructure. Thorium reactors are an interesting possible choice for the future of power generation. Video

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