Links for the week of December 22nd, 2013

Links for Dec 22nd, 2013

I didn't realize how many songs I like from White Lies until I heard them play at the Winter Wonderland concert last week. Here are a few of their videos to try out. Farewell to the Fairground Video
To Lose My Life Video
There Goes Our Love Again Video

For those of you who don't know about Kerby Ferguson's Everything is a Remix, stop reading this and go watch it. The original is hardly news, however, he's made a new one about the iPhone. Video

ADHD is a very real problem for a few people I know. Recent studies are showing that it is being over used as an excuse to medicate kids and adults. Article

A mesmerising computer model, updated every three hours, of the Earth's wind patterns. Article

I hope it doesn't take decades for the world to realize how important the Snowden leaks are. A US Federal judge has now ruled that some of the wiretapping the NSA has been caught doing is unconstitutional. Article

So you're trying to find the perfect gift for the hard to buy for, and money is no object? This gift guide is for you. Article

XKCD: Undocumented feature. Article

This skywalk in the Swiss Alps is not for people who fear heights. Article

The next guest in Adam Savage's The Talking a Room series is Damon Lindelof. Video

The Food Lab tackles the most important issue this holiday, how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Article

This experimental cube is very impressive. Using three wheels connected to micro controllers allows the cube to stand itself up on and edge, or even a point. Video

If you have any interest in watches, you need to be reading Hodinkee. They posted a roundup of their best reviews and articles of the year. My particular favourite is the interview with Phillipe Dufour. Article

Good video from the Salon QP event featuring a Roger Smith discussing the lessons learned by sifting through George Daniels' workshop. Video

The British Library has uploaded more than a million images to Flickr. Part of the exercise is to get the public' shell in categorising the images. Article

Many have proposed reforms to the current calendar to correct various issues and irregularities. Here is why they're all wrong. Article

A great side by side comparison of driving the Nordschleife in real life and GT6. Video

Minute Physics explains why full moons in the winter are so incredible. Video

I regularly work with machines which could rip off my hand if I do something stupid, so this story makes me feel a bit better about my prospects if that happens. Article

A great story about why David Sparks became a lawyer, and some what he's learned over 20 years of doing it. Article

Jonathon Snook wrote a good post about writing a book and self publishing it. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while. Article

Forbes examines sex in marketing and what the future might hold. Article

How do you stack up on twitter? I was surprised to see I'm in the 90% based on number of followers. Article

RSA has been a trusted source of cryptographic tools for years. Some recent revelations from the Snowdon leaks means they are probably dead in the water. Article

I'm not a fan of the diamond industry and they're price manipulation tactics, so I wasn't too surprised to read about some of their other shady dealings. Article

These flower shells are just odd. Sort of a 21stC swords to plowshares. I would recommend using them in the city though. You'd likely end up with a SWAT team on your doorstep. Article

After the mess US banks got us into with credit default swaps, I can't see this ending well. Article

Numberphile takes a look at the mathematics behind how the NSA has been decrypting information on the Internet. Video

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