Links for the week ending on Nov 24th, 2013

Links for Nov 24, 2013

This week's list is a bit short. Last week's post was late so it included some from the beginning of the week.

Mike Monteiro has written a few very useful things for anyone who is working in some kind of creative endeavour. His latest article talks about what his mother taught him about customer service. Article

Technical advice for anyone who wants to record a podcast, but wants to do it on the road with their iPad. Article

A number of people online have gotten their nickers in a twist about this Dove ad campaign, but for me the remarkable thing is how well this sketch artist is able to work without the model in front of him. Video

I've mentioned CGP Grey before in my link posts. He recently passed one million subscribers, and decided to do a Q&A video to celebrate. Video

Steph Willems is a local journalist, and talented photographer. He does an excellent job of capturing the city with his images. He is putting on a one night show on Dec 5th. Event

A recent talk by Frank Chimero on designing for screens. Much of it resonates with all design though. Article

The US is lagging behind in life expectancy despite spending more on healthcare per capita than any other country. Article

Patagonia's new kit builder is well designed and looks like a great way to buy winter gear. Article

Charlie Rose interviewed Jony I've and Marc Newson before their RED auction. Video

It is difficult or impossible for small and independant artists to defend their copyright against large corporations. I'm glad to see this photographer coming out on top. Article

Derek Muller on the Veritasium YouTube channel explores wether the carrot or the stick is more effective in learning. Video

The Met has out several pieces of Fabergé work on display. These are on long term loan, but many haven't been seen for years. Article

Minute Physics explains the dark side of the moon in under 10 seconds. Video

Brain Craft is a new YouTube channel. Their first video explores if Google is making us dumb. Video

I love bike riding, but there is no way you could convince me to ride at these speeds through a street course. Video

Did the Nazis steal the Mona Lisa? Article

A Canadian blade smith in Japan. Video

Why do you wake up before your alarm? I'm amazed to see that the body can prepare you to wake up like this. Article

Another of Adam Savage's Talking Room interviews, this time with Vince Gillian. Video

Stunning photos of snowflakes and ice crystals. Article

What does the B in Benoît B. Mandelbrot stand for? Benoît B. Mandelbrot. Celebrating the father of fractals. Video

Brad Dowdy over at the Pen Addicts blog has a weekly Ink Links post which is worth checking out. Article

A beautiful watch themed hotel in the heart of Florence. I might just need to stay here next time I'm in Florence. Article

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