Links for the week of Nov 10th, 2013

Links for the week of Nov 10, 2013

Good architecture always interests me. Here is a modern take on the pyramid. Article

A beautiful gallery of petrified animals around Lake Natron in Tanzania. Article

Ridley Scott is probably my favourite director. Not all of his films are in my collection, but Blade Runner is my favourite film. Before Blade Runner was made, he got his big start in Holywood with Alien. It went on to become the archtype for sci-fi films. Tested discusses the origin of Alien. Article

I'm always looking for inspiration for cases for my pens. This watch roll looks great, and unlike many cases on the market, won't scratch what you're carrying. Article

3d printers are becoming very common and very affordable. This kit allows you to add on a low powered laser engraver to a 3d printer. Not quite powerful enough to engrave silver, but it opens up some interesting possibilities. Article

The watch industry uses sapphire glass for quality watch crystals. It's very strong, and resists scratches. Apple has been relying on Gorrilla Glass for its phones and tablets, but it looks like they may be looking to switch to sapphire glass. To date it's been too expensive for larger devices, but a Apple is opening its own plant in the US to manufacture it. Hopefully we'll see sapphire glass on upcoming iPhones and iPads.

Commpasionate use of experimental drugs is a difficult topic, both ethically and economically. The Pipeline takes a look at a new article on the subject. Article

What if all the ice melted? Here's an interactive map showing the results of all of the Earth's ice disappearing. Article

A robot designed to always win at rock, paper, scissors. Video

A scooter is entirely impractical for me out here in the country, but the new Vespa 946 is a very sexy update to a classic design. Article

A brief look at the secret history of women as spies. Article

Stephen Brown does a video review of Montblanc's Leonardo Chalk Red ink. It looks like they've gotten the colour perfect. I'm not a huge fan of red ink, but I may need to find some of this for making shop notes… Video

Hands on with the A.Lange & Söhne perpetual calendar tourbillon. Article

I wouldn't want to have a run in with a polar bear under any circumstances. This story is incredible. Article

A stash of paintings stolen by the Nazis, thought to have been lost, has been recovered. Worth an estimated $1.4 billion. Article

A major exhibit on the Viking era is coming to the British Museum in 2014. Article

This past week the Uk celebrated Guy Fawkes day. Here's an article on how the modern day use of the word guy came from the traitor. Article

The US patent system is a total mess, but has gone too far. Article

Unbelievable violation of a man's rights by police and doctors. Article

There have been plenty of revelations on how the NSA has been spying on Internet traffic recently. A few network engineers at Google decided to fuck with their ability to easily gather information. Article

Everyone wants to write the story about some age old technology being replaced by the latest gadget. NPR has a story on the death of the pen. Writing has been around for thousands of years. I don't see it going away completely any time soon. Article

Disney has been kind enough to set the release date of episode VII of Star Wars a few days before my 40th birthday. Article

The whole Rob Ford fiasco in Toronto has highlighted the need for system reform. There is no mechanism to replace a mayor who is being destructive. Article

Speaking of political nightmares, Quebec is on the road to disaster with its latest attempts to subvert any culture other than the Québécois culture. Fortunately this will get squashed by the Supreme Court quickly as being unconstitutional. Article

Holy Shit, A brief history of swearing. Article

A quick history of the Nobel prize. Video

Game theory being applied to traffic patterns to improve gridlock. Article

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