Links for the week ending Oct 27, 2013

Links for the week ending Oct 27, 2013

John Siracusa has been writing the definitive review of each new version of OS X for over a decade. Apple released 10.9 Mavericks on Tuesday, and John doesn't disappoint with his latest review. Article     

The US has been caught spying on their own citizens, and most recently a number of their allies as well. I wonder how long before they start being sanctioned by the international community for this crap. Article 

I'm a big fan of the CGP Grey. He makes highly informative and amusing videos. His latest asks the seemingly simple question, how many countries are there? Video 

I didn't realize there are towns that go without sunlight for so long each year. Several have built mirrors to help combat the lack of winter daylight. Article 

If you have ever wanted your own microscope, here is a good video on how to setup a stand for your iPhone to turn it into a microscope. Video 

Hand lettering of any kind is a difficult skill to master. This video makes it look easy. Video 

Xkcd is a comic which will make regular appearances on these lists. You should just go and subscribe to it. Human population vs Lego mini fig population. Article 

An atelier focused on ultra complications. Article 

During Apple's keynote last week, they showed off one of their slick product videos showcasing how they make the new Mac Pro. This article does a good job of telling you what processes you're seeing throughout the video. Video  & Article 

We've reached the end of anti-biotics. Article 

I love good food, but I don't always want to spend the time making it. Often I just want some fuel for my brain and body so I can go back to making things. Soylent is developing a food substitute which could be used for a balanced meal. I doubt it'll ever replace my desire to make great bread, or BBQ meat, but it might just be the thing to grab in the middle of a busy day. Article 

Table for two is an interesting design for a multi-use table. It can be converted from dinning room table for 6, to a work station for two. Article 

After Apple's event this past week, I'm now trying to decide between a new iPad mini or an iPad air. I use my iPad 2 as my primary computer, and effectively run my business from it. It is in need of an upgrade, and Apple hasn't made the choice an easy one this time. Here are John Gruber's thoughts on the Apple event this past week. Article 

Galileo and the impact of the telescope on modern astronomy. Article 

This past week was the second anniversary of George Daniels passing away. He was a remarkable man, and brilliant horologist. Video 

Roger Smith worked hard to become George Daniels' apprentice. Daniels left his workshop to Smith, and he discusses what it's been like moving the tools to his studio. Article 

An amusing look at what happens when an adult woman wears Axe body spray for a week. Article 

The current US patent system does a great job of protecting certain profitable corporations, but does a horrible job of promoting innovation. Patent trolls are a danger to anyone trying to make new things in the world. This new bill may help to limit the damage they can cause. Article 

Speaking of stifling innovation, the current extension to copyright is due in a few years. Sadly, the US has pushed to extend copyright in the past, well beyond the life of the original creator. Since copyright was originally intended to protect the creator, and give them incentive to create more work, I'm not sure how these extensions will help with that goal. I'm one of the many artists who benefits from the work of past artists who's work is now in the public domain. Article 

Along with CGP Grey, I'm a big fan of the videos Henry Reich puts out on the Minute Physics youtube channel. His latest video covers a few simple ways to time travel. Video 

Writers and photographers are often being asked to provide work to businesses for free. I get to avoid most of that because I make tangible things, but I regularly get charities asking for donations of art to help their auction. Article 

Friday was the 598th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. It was held on St Crispins day in 1415. Shakespeare wrote about it in Henry V, and provided us with one of the greatest speaches in English literature. Article 

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