Links for Oct 13, 2013

Links for the week ending on Oct 13, 2013

Google search tricks
A Lego calendar which syncs with Google calendar
The Magazine started as an iPad only digital magazine, and has some of my favourite writing from the past year. It's now available on the web, and there are free articles from past issues online.
Medieval art by candle light
Mike Monteiro's Webstock 2013 talk on design
The Guardian's response to the Daily Mail's attacks
Keep Calm and Carry On the story of the poster
My nine year old boss
The real story of Christopher Columbus
The true cost of a t-shirt
Banksy selling art in NYC
America's wealth inequity
The remastered version of Blade Runner is for sale on iTunes this week. It's my favourite movie, and this version looks stunning.
The front lines of WWII
The McDonald's tasting menu
Maciej Cegłowski's XOXO 2013 talk
Arctic Monkeys AM. This has been the most played album in the shop over the past couple of weeks.
Ross King's books are always fascinating. I'm in the midst of re-reading Brunelleschi's Dome, and listening to the audio book of Leonardo and the Last Supper. Not the usual dry look at history.

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