Technology for Artists

I've always been happy that I'm technically inclined, and the more I speak with other artists, the more I realize that most are not so fortunate. I get a lot of questions about web sites, smart phones, and computers. I've decided that along with writing about jewellery, I'm going to start a series on technology for artists. Some of these posts will be helpful to you, some of them will get outdated and will need some more research. But hopefully I can write them so that even the most technophobic artist can learn something about using technology. Unless there is a clearly superior product, I'm going to try to give you a few choices on how best to do things. Often there is no best way to do something, and you need to pick the tool that works best for you. I'm going to try to recommend things on a budget. I prefer to use free or low cost options whenever possible. When a clearly superior option will cost some money, I'll let you know why I think it's important. I tend to be a Mac centric since that's what I run on most of my computers (that's tip #1 right there...), but most of what I talk about will be OS independant.

So far I've got a post on backups partially written, and I'm mostly done a post on setting up a web presence (I think this one will need to be broken up into multiple posts). I also want to write something about self publishing ebooks. If you have ideas or questions that you want answered, please send me an email and let me know.