The majority of the pieces I make are one of a kind, custom pieces for clients. Please visit the gallery to see a few examples of custom work done in the past. Since they are custom jobs for a particular client, I will not make exact replicas of any of these pieces in the future. I will also not make replicas of any limited edition pieces which have sold out. However, if you find a piece you like, I am happy to work with you to create a custom piece influenced by your preferences.

The process of ordering a custom piece can be time consuming. The initial consultation will include discussions about the type of piece you are interested in, design preferences and budget. Once I have an understanding of the project, I will begin work on sketches and models of what I think the piece should look like. Once a design has been approved, a deposit will be taken and work will commence. Upon completion, final payment will be due before the piece is delivered. Depending upon the complexity of the design, and my shop schedule, a custom piece can take months to complete from start to finish. I am happy to work to a scheduled event, however, please understand most pieces take weeks to complete regardless of money or the other jobs I have on my bench.

The budget for a custom piece can be difficult to determine at first. It is often impossible to give an exact cost until the consultation has been completed, and a design has been agreed upon. However, budget is extremely important when determining the scope of a piece. If I know roughly what your budget is, I can better guide you in making design decisions which reflect it. Alternative design elements and materials are often available to help create a piece you will be happy with, and remain within your budget.