Links for March 30, 2014

During the 2012 London Olympics, David Burnett shot with a 4x5 large format camera. I wouldn't want to see all sports photography like this, but it gives a wonderfully different feel to the games. Article

Stephen Fry narrates an excellent video on how humanists find happiness in life. Video

Jennifer Raff does an excellent job of linking to credible material debunking the excuses the anti-vaccination crowd use to justify their social crimes. Article

A pitch perfect generic video which could be just about any marketing video put out these days. Video

BaselWorld is on this week, so there will be plenty of watches in the list. We start out with a dead beat second chronograph from Arnold & Son. Article

This is why vaccination is important: India declared polio free. Article

I love the simple elegance of this watch from H. Moser & Co watch. Article

I would love to see beautiful murals like these in Montreal appearing around Ottawa one day. Art doesn't need to be contained within an art gallery or museum. Article

Documentary on the dying neon sign industry in Hong Kong. Article

I don't know if the end goal is to fire this pottery, but the video footage of the patterns is stunning and mesmerising. Video

My favourite architectural photographers, Doublespace Photography, spent some time in Hong Kong and mainland China recently. They've started posting photos from the trip on their blog. Article

Why not add a bit of whimsy to your next reno project with some smiley face screws. Article

I've heard good things about this series of books by Kate Ascher. The latest is The Way to Go book about transportation. Looks like a great series of books to help explain the world to kids. Article

St Petersburg is on my list of must see cities primarily because of the Fabergé work on display. In Focus shows off some of the city's beauty in St Petersburg from Above. Article

I don't travel as much as I used to, but I recognize some great tips on becoming a better traveller from Michael Lopp. Article

Etienne Lavis shows us what the world would look like if outdoor ads were replaced with classic art. I would be so happy if we could make this happen in real life. Article

It takes less than 9 minutes between the time the solid rocket boosters light, and the space shuttle reaches orbit. But of course you don't just jump in a space craft like that a few minutes before launch. How do astronauts spend the hours leading up to launch? Article

I'm a sucker for cushion shaped watches like this Longines Heritage watch. Article

I'd never heard of Strandbeests before this video from Adam Savage. I must dig into them further… Video

More watch porn in the form of a chronometer from L.U. Chopard. Article

This is an interesting watch feature I don't think I've seen before. The Hermès L'heure masquée has a hidden hour hand which presents the proper hour when a button is pressed. I'm not sure how useful it would be in practice, but it leads to a clean dial. Article

Occasionally accidents happen with fountain pens. Some good tips on removing ink stains from carpet and wood. Article

I have no problems with my 12lbs house cats jumping on me and playing, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about a lion doing the same thing. I love the incredible footage we can get using GoPro cameras today. Video

Multi peer connectivity is a new feature in iOS 7 which has been introduced with little fanfare. You would think a feature with this little media attention would be uninteresting, but this one has the power to dramatically change the way we connect to the Internet in areas with little or no exisiting infrastructure. Thanks to this feature, devices can use a nearby device to create a mesh network until it eventually reaches an Internet connection. Article

Unlimited resources are often the bane of creators. A blank page can be death to a writer. An unlimited source of materials can cause a jeweller to be unable to create new work. Often being forced to work within tight constraints leads to innovative ways of creating incredible things (I'm always amazed at what people are able to write in 140 characters on twitter). Article

I linked to one of the sketches for this online class about lettering last week. The course is now available to take. Article

One principle in New Zealand talks about reducing school yard injuries by removing rules. Article

Derek at Veritasium explains the recent discovery of gravitational waves at the start of the universe. Video

And people think cargo pants go overboard…

16 immigrants share the surprising things they learned about America. You'll find many of the usual things we think of (large meal portions, big cars and houses), but there are a number which surprised me. Article

This is hardly new, but Dieter Rams' 10 design principles is always worth linking to. Article

A stunning photo collection of manhole covers in Japan. Article

How google responds to search warrants. Video

As I mentioned last week, I'm addicted to Threes. Here's what went into making it. Article

I remember watching many of the games when Deep Blue bested Kasparov at chess back in the 90's. Now a computer has beat a high ranked human at Go for the first time. This is an incredible achievement considering the level of complexity of Go compared with chess. Article

A great use of iBeacon to automatically take attendance in class. Article

I came across these wonderfull mechanical belt buckles from Roland Iten. Article

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Links for March 23, 2014

Those of you outside Ottawa will have no idea what the NCC is. The National Capital Commision is supposed to help protect and guide the image of Ottawa as it grows. They've made a number of horrible decisions over the years and have the power to lock up land, regardless of what the municipality wants to do. It has lead to issues with roads not being expanded, and difficulty getting services into new areas of the city. Recently they released a survey asking for input on current plans. As you'll read, it's a bit of a joke. Article

I'm totally addicted to Threes on my iPad. It is a deceptively simple game which is more challenging than it appears. I'm up to a score of 66,000, and I've unlocked the 1536 tile. If you decide to get it, I highly recommend Serenity Caldwell's excellent article discussing strategies for it. Article

My favourite quote of the week: "There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse". Chris Hadfield's recent TED talk entitled "What I learned from going blind in space". Video

The big news in the art world this week was the sale of a Fabergé Imperial Egg which was previously thought lost. The House of Fabergé made a total of 50 eggs for the Russian Imperial family, and seven are still lost. This one was discovered in a flea market years ago, and was originally going to be melted down for its gold content. Fortunately it wasn't, and was recently sold to a private seller. If you have an impressive gold egg lying around the house, please don't melt it down. Drop me a line first ;) Article

Canada has some of the most expensive wireless rates in the world. The carriers say the high cost is due to our low population density (which is difficult to believe since more than 80% of Canadians live in urban areas). They also claim they provide the most competitive rates possible, and there is no need for additional competition from international carriers. It's difficult to believe they are trying to compete with each other when all three carriers raise their prices by the same amount, at the same time. Article

Periodic videos has an amusing video on how to extend the range of car remote. Video

If you've ever been curious about what is involved with picking a prison lock, or how a lock works, check out this video. Video

If you aren't yet listening to the Hello Internet podcast, what exactly are you waiting for? Podcast

Painting pin stripes by hand requires amazing skill. This guy isn't the best I've seen, but his choice of canvas makes it challenging. Video

Andrei Linde is responsible for the inflationary theory of the universe. Chao-Lin Kuo surprises him with the news that his theory has been confirmed by observations. A viral video which is worth going viral. Video

Quill & Pad get to take a look inside Breguet's watch factory.Article

I love what the Brits have been doing with their coins lately (the current set creates a the country's coat of arms when laid out properly). The new Pound coin, which will enter circulation in 2017, looks mighty sexy. Article

More on how we got to the place we're in with the mattress racket I mentioned last week. Article

Most people think 3D printing makes it easy to just print out whatever you want. The reality is very different from the fantasy. Building the 3D model takes time and skill. have a good article on some best practices when building models for printing. Article

It looks like helping your kids with their homework is doing them more harm than good. Article

A few beat boxers came onto my radar this week. Kawehi's version of Closer by NiN. Video. KRNFX covers Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Video. Finally Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel use the same tech to do a doo-wop number on The Tonight Show. Video. (Their version of You May Be Right is pretty damn good as well Video).

This week I've been rewatching Game of Thones in preparation for the fourth season. The story has some serious issues, and Martin isn't as clever as he'd like to think, but the high production value makes it worth a watch. A word of warning, it is violent, and everyone dies (don't get attached to any of the characters).

A more light hearted pick if violent fantasy isn't your cup of tea, QI with Stephen Fry and Alan Davies. It is one of the great panel shows which are popular in the UK, and combines great comedy with intelligent topics. It assumes you enjoy being treated like an intelligent adult, so don't expect Jersey Shore.

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Links for the week ending March 16th, 2014

I have some serious concerns about Obama's loose understanding of the US constitution with respect to privacy, but he and his team have done a great job showing him as being human. Video

This ad campaign is interesting. All of the models either have, or are working on, their PHd. It has come under attack because the models are still attractive. But perfect is the enemy of good, and this kind of campaign is a good thing. Article

The NSA are using malware to get information as well. What happens when someone figures out how to control their botnet? Article

The physics of curling are a bit odd. I've played a few times, and suck at it. Here is what is happening to the stones, and some theories on why. Video

The course this typographic drawing is for looks interesting. I suck as a calligrapher, but I've always found letter forms fascinating. Article

When the Snowdon leaks revealed the NSA had been monitoring everyone's communications, one of the often sighted defences was they are only collecting meta data. No big deal right? This study looks at how powerful meta data can be on a small scale. On the scale of what the NSA is collecting, it is terrifying. Article

Every month there's a new story about some kind of disease which had been previously contained causing problems. The most recent one is an outbreak of measles in BC. I realise some kids are allergic to the transport liquid used (I think it's usually an egg based allergy that's cause for concern), and those kids may not be able to get vaccinated. But anyone without a legitimate medical reason to bow out of being vaccinated should not be allowed in a school. They present a very real danger, not only to their classmates, but the younger siblings of those classmates who may be too young to be vaccinated. Article

If you're interested in medieval things, here are 50 blogs to check out. Article

I love what Richard Brandson is doing with Virgin Galactic. Commercialisation is the best way to accelerate our exploration of space. The first VG flights should happen by the end of 2014, and within the first year, Brandson will be responsible for putting more people in space than every nation since the beginning of the space race. Article

Rubic's Cube was a staple toy of my childhood. I was only able to solve mine a few times. These guys have made a robot which can solve it in seconds. Article

If you know anyone who has, or thinks they have hearing loss, they should watch Adam Savage talk about his hearing loss and hearing aids. The rate of advancement in hearing aid technology is impressive. I can see a day in the near future when able hearing people choose to have hearing aids implanted to get access to wireless audio. In the mean time, we need to fight the stigma of wearing hearing aids. Video

I had never heard of Reign Wolf before last night. I ended up watching a few videos of him playing. I love what he's doing with the blues. Video

What happens when you sit the four most important independant watch makers down at the same table? Article

I was very fortunate when learning math as a child because my brain easily finds complex patterns. But not everyone figures those patterns out on their own. Here are some thoughts on how we can better teach children to learn complex math at a younger age. Article

If you've been following along with my link list for any length of time, you'll notice I regularly link to Adam Savage's work. Few people are doing more to educate and encourage than Savage. His SXSW keynote discusses art and science, but I think the Q&A afterward up is the best part of the talk. Article

Neil Young has been promoting a new high rate music format for a while, and the project has just hit kickstarter. I have a number of issues with high bit rate music (it doesn't actually sound better than the current standard AAC files common on itunes). There are many arguments by audiophiles on why formats like Pono are improvements on the lossless compressed formats in use. Marco Arment collects some of the best links which disprove these theories. The one place where all music can improve, and would under the Pono system, is the original masters would be better quality. Many of the complaints about modern music can be traced to the masters, not the end format. Article

True Detective finished up last week. I've mentioned it a few times already, and believe it is worth your time to watch. One of the most fascinating things about the eight hour season, it was all written by one person, and directed by another. Normally shows are written and directed by a staff of people. The fact True Detective was written and directed by two people gave it a very smooth and cohesive feel. Often one or two episodes in a season feel off, and don't fit the character of a show. Hopefully this kind of collaboration becomes more common. Article

You've seen the Leidenfrost Effect in action without realising what it's called. The simplest example of the effect is when water is dropped on a very hot skillet, and a layer of steam forms between the water drop and the hot surface. It serves to levitate the drop, and insulate it from the hot metal. On top of being a very cool effect, it can be used to make water move up an incline. Article

Derek over at Veritasium shows us some of the awesome side effects of gyroscopes. Video

This Time interview is mediocre, but we get few chances to hear from Jony Ive. Article

Tesla Motors has been in the news this past week thanks to the state of New Jersey preventing them from selling directly to customers, instead of through a dealer network. Car dealers have an incredible amount of power and influence, as well as impressive legislation backing them up. Planet Money replayed a great podcast looking at the history behind this power. Article

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Links for March 9, 2014

Canada changed it's clocks this past weekend as part of the torturous process of daylight savings time. CGP Grey has an excellent video explaining the idiotic process, and some excellent reasons why it no longer makes sense. Video

I've read about this story in the past, but stumbled across it again this week. The story is about an Indian man's struggle to bring sanitary napkins to the poor, and remote areas of the world. Article

If you made this up, people would accuse you of guilding the lily. The man who championed the UK government to introduce porn filters to ISPs was arrested for possession of child pornography. Article

When I buy movies and TV shows, I tend to buy them from iTunes. The system is just too convenient not to. One feature I wish was available was a discount when purchasing something previously rented. I regularly see movies listed which I'm unwilling to pay $20+ for sight unseen, however, I don't want to pay $5 to rent it, and then discover I want to buy it. I've done this a number of times, and often end up waiting for them to appear on Netflix instead. Article

Significant objects is an anthropological experiment designed to explore the power of narrative. Simple, common objects were given detailed stories, and then put for sale online. The results are impressive. Article

I'm not particularly fond of Business Insider, but they have a good guide to starting a watch collection. Article

With the recent revelations that the CIA is spying on the Senate Intelligence Commitee which oversees it, perhaps now US lawmakers will do something about the intelligence community. Article

Speaking of the US and human rights violations, the Chinese have grown tired of the US claiming moral superiority in the world while trying to police it. They have released a paper outlining some of America's transgressions. Article

In the current age of world travel, and instant access to information, learning about other cultures has never been easier. Cultures and language change and grow thanks to interactions with the outside world, and attempts to keep culture "pure" lead to stagnation (just look at Quebec). A recent article in Salon attacked white women for "putting on Arab face", and appropriating Arab culture by taking up belly dancing. The Daily Banter has an amusing rebuttal. Article

Last week I posted a series of new paintings by Steven Strang. Here is a late addition.

When a group of artists see their own shadow while drinking on a patio, does that mean spring is coming?

My introduction to comic books was Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Sadly most comics are a disappointment after that. It didn't stop me from collecting for years, but Miller was always a favourite. I was ecstatic when he and Robert Rodriguez teamed up to bring Sin City to the big screen. Miller's visual style and story telling work perfectly as a movie storyboard. The sequel to Sin City is due for release in August. It may be one of the few movies I make an effort to see in a theatre. Video

There have been a few attempts to introduce election reform in different countries recently. The Republicans tried to introduce a voter ID law to prevent low income citizens from easily voting. More recently, the Conservative government here in Canada is trying to railroad through the Fair Elections Act in an attempt to increase their funding, and make it more difficult for citizens unlikely to vote for them. This bill has very few upsides, and needs to be stopped. (As an aside, naming something The Fair Elections Act isn't going to fool anyone. Just like calling yourself the Democratic or People's Republic of somewhere isn't fooling anyone into believing you're not a dictatorship.) Article

Male modeling is one of the few industries where men are paid significantly less than women (the others are porn and prostitution). The Guardian talks with a male model about the business. Article

I have a couple of Pegs in the shop, and use them as stands for my iPhone and iPad. The Federal's scratch and dent sale is a great chance to buy the Peg at a discount. Article

Vellum was the medium of choice for book making for over a thousand years. The process of making it is no longer broadly known. This is a great article discussing the details and giving excellent sources to find out more. Article

Really, who needs freedom of the press anyway? Article

You can probably name a dozen famous male scientists with ease, but are unlikely to be able to name many women scientists. Here are a few you should know more about. Article

This two wheeled car is impressive. Using a pair of gyroscopes, the car can be kept upright, even when hit or pulled. I'd love to see these on the road in the near future. Article

For those of you who are fans of the 90s classic, Hackers, XKCD has a great comic for you. Article

Apple has recently published a white paper on iCloud security details. The paper gives me even more confidence in using iMessage as a secure communications method. Article

I can't eat sushi, but this laser engraved seaweed makes for some striking food. Article

Nuclear energy has been attacked by peace and environmental activists for decades, but the reality is, nuclear energy is our best choice as a sustainable energy source (Pandora's Promise is a good documentary which dispels the myths behind nuclear power). Fusion reactors are the long term dream, but the development process is unnecessarily slow. Article

Love this image from The Canary Islands showing a waterfall of clouds. Article

When you assert, you make an ass out of an emergency response team. Article

Bitcoin has been in the news lately, and is coming onto the radar of non-tech people. The latest episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber discusses Bitcoin and its underlying technology with Glenn Fleishman. The whole episode is 2.5hrs long, but is worth listening to if you want to understand the technology better Podcast

What to watch this week:
I've mentioned HBO's True a Detective already in my link list. The first season ended last night, and if you haven't seen it, the whole season is worth your time and attention. I've also been watching S2 of Line of Duty. It's a Brit police drama, worth a watch. I can also recommend the documentary The City Dark on Netflix. It discusses the issues with light pollution in our modern world.

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Links for March 2, 2014

A talented Japanese contact juggler. Video

Some behind the scenes details about House of Cards. Article

The latest video from Veritasium talks about how to test what is true. Video

I'm a big fan of Steven Strang's paintings. He has a wonderful, twisted sense of humour. His a recent series explores what lurks beneath your bed…

Stephen Wolfram's new language is impressive. Video

The Verge looks at why the Internet is fucked up, and a few ways on how to fix it. Article

If you use Dropbox, you'll know they recently updated their ToS. You probably didn't read the changes, so instead read this to find out why you need to opt out of part of the new ToS. Article

Some excellent tips on what to avoid while you give a presentation. Article

A disturbing look at the rape culture at Ottawa University. Article

Husband threatens to draw a penis on his wife's new whiteboard. So she challenges him to draw one every day for a year… Video

Great shot of Obama while he was speaking to Putin about Ukraine. Article

Another great series of photos from Tokyo. Article

The Washington Post's primer on Ukraine. Article

The desperation of the second page of a Google search… Article

Great information from Darrell about Viking age smithing hammers. Article

America's Temple of Pseudoscience. Article

Another great interactive comic from XKCD. Article

Medieval souvenirs. Article

The lead up to Baselworld means all kinds of great looking new watches. Article

I love the up/down indicator on this watch. Article

More news about the spying GCHQ has been doing on the British public. Article

Fascinating open work movement by Christian Kling. Article

Most people don't think about the real time beyond what they are told it is by the timezone they live in. The reality is local solar time can vary significantly from what you think the time is. Here's a map showing the offset in your local. Article

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Links for February 23, 2014

CGP Grey is perhaps my favourite Youtuber. His videos are highly entertaining, and always bring clarity to confusing subjects. He has recently started a short run podcast called Hello Internet. Article

I found a few great remakes of classic 80s rock songs this week. First up is 2Cellos performing AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Video

Next up is a spectacular version of Sweet Child O' Mine redone by Postmodern Jukebox, in a New Orleans, 20s jazz style. I might actually listen to GnR if it all sounded this good. Video

Criticism is difficult to give and receive effectively. As someone who makes things and puts them out in the world, it get a lot of people criticizing what I do. This article doesn't entirely explain how I feel about it, but it is well written. Article

If you're looking for a unique destination for your next holiday, check out these exotic hotels. Article

Last week I linked to Barry Eisler'e latest novel, Graveyard of Memories. This week I've got a link to a series of photos inspired by the locations in the novel. I love the look and feel of Japan. These photos remind me why I need to return one day. Article

Vertitasium's latest video on ultra quiet rooms. It's worth watching this with headphones on. Video

The Stafordshire Hoard is one of the most impressive finds in the past hundred years. Some of the pieces are absolutely stunning. The conservation team has a great blog which includes useful information on the Hoard, as well as some great photos. This entry talks about how they are replicating some of the pieces. Article

If you're looking for something to keep you amused for a while, check out this virtual Lego building site. Article

"I can teach a man to sail, but never why." Article

A good overview on Tested explaining some of the options for 3D modeling software. 3D printers have become popular enough that we're seeing a flood of lower cost modeling tools hit the market as well. They fail to mention my favourite, Rhino3D. Article

Ukraine Burning is a short documentary by Vice looking at the current issues in that country. Video

Some pre-Baselworld watch porn from Arnold & Son. Article

A wonderful piece by Roger Angell in the New Yorker on getting on. His story is remarkable. At 93 he has worked for every editor in the New Yorker's history. Article

While digging to add an elevator to a new addition to the Uffizi, a medieval mass grave was discovered. Article

While our current mobile data speeds are impressive, there is still a huge issue when a significant number of devices are trying to use the same cell tower. A new pCell technology has a solution. Sadly I don't see the carriers adopting this anytime soon. Article

A short film looking at home Criterion restores a film. Video

I love the XKCD comic strip, and this is one of his best to date. Article

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Links for February 16th, 2014

Alcohol related myths. Video

One of the best TED talks I've seen. What are the problems with TED talks? Video

This kinetic door is an interesting design. I'm not sure how practical it would be in the real world, but it certainly takes less space than a traditional swing door. Article

My friend Darrel Markewitz shows off a set of groomsmen knives he recently made. Beautiful pattern welded blades, and I agree with him that the handles are mediocre. My suggestion to anyone commissioning a piece of art, take the artist's advice on what looks good. Article

I don't get as much time to read non-work related books as I'd like. So when I pick up a novel, I'm looking for interesting as well as entertaining. I've been reading Barry Eisler's work for years now. He writes thriller novels with a bit of a twist. His primary character, John Rain, is a half Japanese, half American assassin. Unlike the usual thriller schlock, Eisler's novels are intelligently written, exceptionally well researched, and insightful. Eisler is a former lawyer, and worked in a covert position for the CIA's Directorate of Operations. His time stationed in Japan while with the CIA has given him better insight into Japanese culture and politics than most westerners gain. His latest novel, Graveyard of Memories, is a prequel to his earlier work, and covers some of the origin of the assassin John Rain. Reading the earlier novels isn't a pre-requisite to enjoying this one. Eisler is one of the few authors whose work I pre-order sight unseen. Even if thrillers are not your usual cup of tea, I highly recommend giving this a try. Article

Modern Formula1 pit stops are an incredible testament to what a well trained team of people can do when given nearly unlimited resources. The two videos in the link are not the fastest stops on record, but they do a wonderful job of illustrating how they work. Article

If you've ever wondered what's involved in becoming a watchmaker, the Micromechanics and Watchmaking blog is documenting one man's progress through school. Article

Yellow gold seems to be out of fashion these days, particularly for watches. This chronograph from Leroy is a nice exception to the rule. Article

19th century lithographs of the alphabet, rendered as beautiful scenery. Article

The next generation of cochlear implants are being tested, and they no longer require external hardware to work. With features like Bluetooth connectivity to phones, these implants may well become tempting for those us without hearing loss one day. Article

I've linked to Derek Muller's Veritasium channel over on YouTube before. He is probably the best educational presenter I've come across. His latest video has recieved a lot of attention as he tackles the issues with Facebook's advertising model. If you spend money advertising with Facebook, you need to watch it. Video

I love the raised work Kevin Grey is doing. I've done some raising, and would love to have the time to work on it more. Grey's skill is impressive, and his designs are incredible.

I'm always on the lookout for new and better headphones for listening to music. I'm often looking for in ear buds which provide good sound, and block out enough background noise to make them useful while riding a motorcycle. This new kickstarter project looks promising, and is getting a lot of support. Article

I can't wait until being gay is no longer a news story. Until then, there are few people better than Stewart for calling out bigots.

And another reaction to the Michael Sam situation Stewart was referencing above. Video

I linked to the first single off of Lakefield's new album a few weeks ago. They've now released the album, and sadly it will be their last. You can pick it up directly from their site. Article

Speaking of music I'm looking forward to, Matt Schofield is releasing a new album this week. He walks through the different tracks on the upcoming album. Video

I'm envious of the opportunity the people of Houston have for the next six months. The Magna Carta will be on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Article

What to watch this week? If you aren't watching House of Cards, stop reading this and go. This show is a perfect example of why episodic shows are the best place for our great story tellers to work their craft.

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Links for February 9th, 2014

For a bit of nostalgia, and a lot of geekiness, I present Tainted Love performed on floppy disk drives. Video

Last week I posted about the Apple ad which was filmed by 15 crews around the world on the same day. They have posted a short behind the scenes video as a follow up. Video

I'm a big fan of Mark Knopfler and his guitar work. This is a recording which has isolated just his guitar work and vocals on Sultans of Swing. If I had a tenth of his guitar playing ability, I'd quit my day job. Video

I've commented in the past on my issues with the current media. I don't believe they are doing an effective job at holding our governments accountable for what they do, yet they still present themselves as being the fourth estate (this is why I believe people like Snowden are so important to safeguarding our way of life). The Guardian casts a critical eye on the worst culprit of journalistic mediocrity, the 24 hour news channel. Article

I've spent my share of time travelling for jobs, and I became skilled at packing a week's worth of clothes in a carry on bag. This guy however, makes me look like a rank amateur. Video

Now that the Olympics have begun, the news channels need to create some sensational stories to get headlines. Of course the ones most people have been sharing this week have involved the various ways Sochi hasn't been ready to handle it's visitors (my favourite of those is the toilet which has been bisected by a wall). NBC decided that double toilets weren't going to cut it for their broadcast. They decided to tell a tale of how visitors to Sochi would have their computers and phones quickly hacked once they landed. Video. Of course the story is complete bullshit. The reporter and security expert in the story did everything they could to get hacked. In fact, everything which happened to them could happen by visiting the same sites while you sit at home. This Reddit comment goes into the details of what is wrong in the story. Article

I love these illuminated dragons.

I've been hearing Leave This Island by Maxïmo Park on XFM lately, and it's been stuck in my head. The video is a little odd, but the song has a great Depeche Mode, moodiness to it. Video

McDonalds Canada has done a few good educational videos about how their food is made. This one tests some of the myths about their chicken nuggets. Video

The Harper government here in Canada has decided to sponsor a bill designed to limit the powers of Elections Canada. We have significant issues with voter turnout, and this will only serve to have a chilling effect on future turnout. Article

The US is finally making a push to move to chip and pin credit cards. They are the last significant holdout, and their lack of support has meant limited development in readers. It's meant those us in the rest of the world using services like Square are stuck with insecure card readers. Can't wait for updated readers to hit the market. Article

Minute Earth's latest video talks about the origin of the Earth's water. I hadn't given much thought to where it came from, and the answer is surprising. Video

Along with being a talented artist, Andrew King is also keen and vocal about local Ottawa history. His latest research looks at seventieth century explorer Henry Hudson's disappearance. Article

This is a fun little story about the painting used by Columbia Pictures during the opening of their films. Article

Speaking of questionable practices at NBC, did they really think nobody would notice them editing the speech by the IOC president during the opening ceremonies? Article

Chris Breen from MacWorld is vocal about some of the horrible PR attempts directed at him as a reporter. He offers some excellent suggestions on how to go about it without pissing off the reports you're contacting. Article

I love watching skilled craftsmen working, regardless of the medium. This video shows a Japanese craftsman making veneer for boxes. Video

How do you create fresh designs for something as old as chopsticks? Article

3D printers have been a regular resident on my link lists. The latest one I've come across is for printing moulds for sand casting. Video

This is a stunning restoration and retrofit of an antique safe. Article

It's easy to dismiss simple designs as being uninteresting compared with their flashier siblings. This Blancpain watch is an exquisite example of how perfect a simple, elegant design can be. This is much harder to accomplish than most people realize. Article

In a previous list I linked to a story about the issues with contaminated olive oil. Here are tips on how to buy genuine oil. Article

I'm happy to live in a world where people spend time decrypting ancient Norse ciphers. Article

My recommendation this week for something to watch is Shakespeare Uncovered. Actors dive into the characters and history behind some great plays. Video

If you haven't watched season one of House Of Cards, you have a few days to catch up before season two is released on Friday. I know Friday will be a write off for me… Video

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Links for February 2nd, 2014

A round table discussion af SIHH, from leading watch journalists. Discussions include current favourites, and future trends. Article

Adam Savage is best known for Mythbusters, but he was an accomplished model and prop before he started blowing thigs up on TV. In this video Adam shows off a recent birthday present he built for a friend. Video

I haven't had a chance to experiment with Archipad yet, but it looks intriguing. It allows both sketching and accurate architectural drawing, to scale, in the same document. I can see it being very useful for planning future expansions around the property. Article

I'm intrigued by these Cartier Mystery Clocks. Video

Have you ever tried working with melted chocolate and been frustrated by how it performed? King Arthur flower has a good overview of working with chocolate. Article

Brent Simmons, The Point of View of a Mouse. Article

With plenty of attention on American football this past weekend, here are some pictures of the oldest football (real football), and tennis ball. They're probably older than you expect. Article

I first saw Jason Freeny's toy anatomies as a Gelaskins for mobile devices. He's also been working on sculptures of them. Video

If you're a fan of magic, or you've seen one of countless movies with magic and sleight of hand card work, you've probably seen Ricky Jay before. Deceptive Practice is an entertaining new documentary about his history and magic. Video

A depressing look inside the insane wealth on Wall St. Article

A look at the subversive practices of a popular photo sharing twitter account. Article

The story of adulterated olive oil. Article

If you want to be cruel to your party guests.

How do trees survive the winter? Video

The death of expertise. Article

I love how far 3d printing has advanced over the past few years. This new printer can use carbon fibre to strengthen models. Article

I can't imagine how difficult it is for Dylan Farrow to go public with her story of abuse. Article

So many of the arts I practice are dying, and a large reason for that is the secrecy of companies who have practicing artists. I don't have a lot of sympathy now they are having a difficult time finding artists. Sharing knowledge and skills will increase the number of skilled artists in the world. Article

I love the panache of these guys. Video

An overdone meme, but worth it.

Thirty years ago Ridley Scott directed the famous 1984 commercial which launched the Macintosh computer. To help commemorate the anniversary, Ridley's son Jake remotely directed 15 crews to create a new commercial. The crews were sent to locations worldwide with 70 iPhones, and all footage was shot in one day. Article

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